Sustainable Tools 4 Trainers

T4T is an international Nordplus Adult project that joins six organisations from Iceland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The participating organisations realised that although most of the rural tourism enterpreneurs (in short: TURBOs) in these 5 countries work hard and with passion, only some of them are really profitable. Even worse, the statistics from 2016 about the situation in Iceland revealed that more than 70 percent of rural tourism service providers do not profit at all. These alarming results triggered us to join forces and develop online adult education materials "Tools for Trainers in Sustainable Tourism". The materials offer a toolbox that contains various practical methods for teaching topics that are relevant in the rural tourism field. The toolbox can be used flexibly – the trainers or self-trainers can choose exactly these tools that meet their current needs best. All our tools are created with the help of people who have a long-time experience in providing adult education or are working in the rural tourism sphere, additionally the tools are tested on pilot training groups. For emphasising this practical and flexible approach we choose for our project the slogan:  „T4T - powered by inspiration, tested by life“.

T4T - what topics will it cover (to dive into the toolbox right now, click here)?

  • How to increase the quality of rural tourism services?
  • How to get more customers and market services better?
  • How to learn from the experiences of others and not repeat mistakes?
  • How to find partners, build networks and cooperate with other tourism providers?
  • How to create a brand or develop a product that sells?
  • How to use natural resources in offering a tourism experience?
  • How to use local traditions (food, handicraft, celebrating traditional holidays, respective workshops) ) to create a memorable tourism experience?
  • How to use interesting stories and folklore (e.g. stories about sacred places, supernatural experiences) to create a memorable tourism experience?
  • How to make the rural tourism enterpreneurs aware that they would need training at all?
  • How to break the ice in a new training group?
  • How to approach adult learners?

T4T - for whom?

  • For you if you are interested
  • Business owners/entrepreneurs in tourism
  • Rural communities and associations
  • Adult education providers
  • Adult learners
  • Tourist companies
  • Local authorities

T4T - what methods does it propose?

Any of the methods below can be used to offer trainings on any of above mentioned topics

  • Study visits
  • Short videos (e.g. Youtube)
  • Seminars-roundtable discussions
  • Webinars
  • Case studies
  • Best practice examples
  • Fun and horror: humorous excercises


Please have a look at our 3-minutes video that gives the essence of the idea of our training toolbox:

Introductory video for the Nordplus T4T project

T4T Sustainable tools for trainers on Facebook